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1. What are International products and US Only products?
- "International" products are shipped from Korea and "US Only" products are shipped from me (CA, US). This move is to accommodate the US buyers who wish to receive some parts faster and at cheaper shipping fee. You cannot combine these products into one order.

- If you choose Airmail shipping, there is a $0.5 charge per product placed and this option is only available for package weighs under 2kg.

- Please feel free to shop around to compare shipping prices. Usually for film, cheapest price for 1 pack of film is $7.71 shipped within USA and $7.17 shipped worldwide.

- Shipping price tables pulled from KoreaPost and EMS website.

2. How can I keymap or change the LED effects?
- TX PCBs (except for 108 layout) are designed by Leeku and can be keymapped using JigOn. Please click HERE for the English guide on Geekhack. Click HERE for the original content on KBDLab. Resetting by pressing the ~ key and connect the USB cable.

- TX 108se PCB is Suo PCB and can be programmed using TX Suo software (v3.2 is the newest version). This version of the software was reported to be working for multiple 108se users. 

3. Can I exchange damaged products?
- As noted above, if the problem stems from our handling mistake, we will take full responsibility. However, since the replacement process is costly, it is very likely that we will offer a refund instead.

4. If I received the wrong item(s), what can I expect?
- If US proxy (Popkorn62) has the item in stock, we will send you the replacement once we receive the incorrect product back. If anything is missing, we will offer refunds or send you the rest of your items.

5. Do I have to create an account to shop?
- No. However, we recommend you do because you can save your address, keep track of your orders and support tickets.

6. What's the deal with the States dropdown list?
- We have to make the Country to generate first because there are other countries that have states other than US. Thus, Google Chrome auto-fill may not like it and will not fill in the States for you. Please submit a support ticket if you have a problem ordering.

7. Is Untracked shipping insured?
- No. We do not hold any responsbilities if the envelope is lost in trasit. If you choose Tracked shipping, we can submit a lost package complaint to USPS and we can either refund or ship you a new package (free of charge).

8. Does spending $500 on a keyboard make me a better gamer?
- No. However, in my personal experience, it is always a great feeling when your coworkers marvel at your toy ;).

9. Anything else?
- Endgame does not exist.

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