Hi all,

I know many of you are anxiously waiting for your invoice of our most recent Group Buy for v2 boards and I want to apologize for the delay. It was a bad timing in general when kin25 decided to open his physical store in Seoul and run the v2 GB at the same time. However, we are almost at the last stage. He hopes to send out all the invoices by the end of next week (June 16th) and ship out the boards starting June 20th

6/13/2019 UPDATE: Kin has found a problem with CP PCBs. He will have to remake these so it will cause a slight delay for TX-CP v2. TX-84/87 v2 and TX-75 v2 are still expected to be shipped out starting June 20th. We will also sell extras on the website at markup price.

6/19/2019 UPDATE: Kin has completed the inspection of final products. However, he is not satisfied with around 5% of them. He still expected to ship out orders out of the 95% that met his requirements. There will be extras on the website once all preorders are shipped so please look out for that newsletter coming to your inbox. For v2, kin has made only 100 units for each layout unlike previous versions.

6/21/2019 UPDATE: Kin has, unfortunately, found some problems with the TX-75 PCBs. He estimated 2 weeks are needed for production of replacement.

6/28/2019 UPDATE: Kin will start shipping out preorders after next week.

7/09/2019 UPDATE: Shipments will start going out this Thursday, 7/11/2019 for Korean buyers. The remaining international invoices and orders will go out shortly after. Extras will be available in 2 weeks. Thank you all for your patience! Also, if you have not downloaded the newest TX suo software, you can click here.

7/14/2019: CLICK HERE to check out the colors of the boards in HD!

7/18/2019: kin has NOT done fulfiling the Korean orders. We appreciate your patience.

7/26/2019: kin told me most of the units he has now, after fulfilling Korea and some in Asia, are not exactly what he wanted. There are differences with the diffuser holes that he will need to examine further. Please stay tuned until further notice.

8/5/2019: I am still working with kin about how to deal with this. I personally do not think anyone has any problems with 3 diffuser holes.

8/13/2019: No updates until at least August 22nd when kin is back.

9/2/2019: Emails were sent to preorder list to make a purchase on the website. This GB is considered DONE.